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We’ll go ahead and preface this entire entry under the label of “humblebrag”. Over the years, as a fan of various interests (music, sports, etc), I’ve been fortunate to meet a number of people involved in those interests. Plenty of wrestlers. Many musicians. Heck, somewhere out in the interwebz is a photo of myself alongside Vern Troyer (Mini-Me from the Austin Powers movies). If you’ll excuse me for a moment, I need to pick up that name I just dropped.

Very rarely have I ever found myself starstruck at the meeting of anyone – I can easily count those occurrences on one hand. Arguably the most bizarre occurrence was meeting at-the-time-editor of Metal Edge magazine, Paul Gargano. The funny part about it is that it wasn’t even a coincidental or unexpected meeting. We were in Los Angeles for a concert, and he was the interim manager for the band I flew out there for. This was a band whose members I had effectively become friends with over time, so I knew for sure that I would end up meeting Paul. Nonetheless, a tap on the shoulder while in the lower “basement” area of the Viper Room leading to an introduction from him caught me off-guard, and for a brief moment, I didn’t know what to say. Go figure.

Another one of those moments was yesterday. The local alt-rock station here in Kansas City – 96.5 The Buzz – does an occasional event known as “Kegs & Eggs”, where a musician/band will play a short set early in the morning while fans enjoy breakfast and drinks. In this case, the performer was singer/songwriter Meg Myers, who was in town for a show the night before. I’ve been a fan for a while, very familiar with her EPs, had listened to her on a few podcasts (her laughter is contagious), but had never seen her live. Having said that, it was a no-brainer for me to take a few hours off of work to go down and fix that.

I’m not sure at what point they reached capacity at The Tank Room, but I know there was minimal room remaining when I got there, which was about 7am. Meg went on-stage around 9:30, and even with only playing five songs (the K&E performances are usually never full sets), blew the audience away. She has been compared to artists like Fiona Apple, which is not a bad thing at all. Small in stature, but deep with her words & song lyric subjects, and boasting a powerful voice to back them up (look up her song “Heart Heart Head”, and absorb her lyrical delivery almost become Siren-ish towards the end).

Twenty seven minutes and five songs later, her performance was complete, and the crowd let out a collective exhale to catch its breath. I stuck around for a short while to catch up with a few members of the radio station, and at one point, had mentioned that I loved the show but was hoping that Meg would have stuck around after the performance. I was informed that she was still in the building, and asked if I would like to go say hello (YES). As I was walked down towards the back room she was in, I was mentally preparing myself for a scenario of her being in the room, perhaps carrying on casual conversation with a handful of people. Maybe there were already a bunch of people behind the door just waiting to meet her. As it would turn out, my mind couldn’t properly prepare myself for what awaited.

As the door opened to let me into the room, I saw her. All alone. Completely lost in her emotions as she sat there playing piano. One one hand, I wanted to say hello in the worst way and compliment her on her music and the performance. On the other hand, I could have stood there and watched her play piano for hours. Finally, I got the words “Excuse me, Meg?” to leave my mouth, and had a very brief exchange. Many thanks were said – from her to me for coming out to the show and supporting her, and from me to her for being an incredible artist who is amazing at putting mood to music. Our conversation was maybe two minutes at most, but I got lost in time.

To Meg: If you should happen to see this – Thank you again for putting out some of the best albums I’ve heard in quite some time, for being an even better live performer, and for giving up a couple minutes of your personal/alone time to talk with a fan who found himself lost within thoughts and almost struggling at times to convey those thoughts into words.

With Meg Myers (and the piano to the left), 7/23/2014 at The Tank Room in Kansas City MO

With Meg Myers (and the piano to the left), 7/23/2014 at The Tank Room in Kansas City MO


Back on November 28th of last year, I penned this little ditty regarding the changes at KJCK-FM, 105.1 Jack FM here in Kansas City. Imagine my surprise when, about three weeks ago, a morning show was resurrected on Jack FM. Welcome to the era of “Jenn and the Tall Guy”. I tuned in for all of about two minutes of their segment time, and it’s two minutes of my life I can’t get back. The “Tall Guy” (real name, Dan Persieghl) sounds like he works too hard to sound like an overproduced Ryan Seacrest, and his personality is completely overpowered by his co-host, Jenn Ryan. In terms of the show’s power balance, she clearly has his balls in a jar on her side of the studio. They sit there, subjected to mundane Hollywood gossip talk and the like. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt that they discuss more than this, but I couldn’t tune out quickly enough.

Truta – I’m sorry you’re gone, but I’m glad you’re not a part of this trainwreck to the ears.

Let’s rewind back to the end of November, after the changeup at Jack. For lack of a better term, I was a radio station orphan. Having walked away from the only station I regularly tuned in to for years, I was a free agent. I seeked to find a new home. Ultimately, I found my home and my new on-air family with alt-rock station KRBZ, 96.5 The Buzz.

I’d been a fan of the station for a while, back when The Church of Lazlo was originally on air locally (he uprooted to Seattle for a two-year stint, along with his wife Afentra – we’ll get to her in just a moment). At this time, that was the only regular show on The Buzz I caught, as I worked evenings. During the Seattle years, their morning show was hosted by a guy named Dick Dale, who did nothing for me as a listener. I couldn’t get into it.

Bring it back to current day. Their morning show, “Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz”, is my Monday-Friday ritual from 6am to 10am. Afentra is a sarcastic hardass Greek, yet a sweetheart, and a Red Wings hockey fan, which makes for some fun banter between the two of us. Her partner-in-crime, Danny Boi, is the suburban hip-hop white kid with a knack for writing and recording parodies. Their producer, Mark, is the quiet unsuspecting one of the bunch, although gets his weekly highlight hosting “Fifty Shades of Mark”.

Middays are hosted by Jeriney, who has two very strong suits – her ties and connections to local music, and being very in-touch with the music that defines her daily “90s At Noon” segment. For those reasons, especially the latter, she’s in my wheelhouse.

The afternoon is cemented with The Church of Lazlo, hosted by Lazlo. Sarcastic. Jaded. Detroit native. Pulls no punches. Tells it like it is. Four out of those five put him and I in related company. His co-host, Slimfast, is a gamer and internet/tech aficionado. Their producer, Meredith, is that dirty little hippie girl that you always wondered about. Collectively, they’re the on-air material that I can’t ever get enough of, but cannot have on the radio while my daughter is in the car. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose.

These personalities have welcomed me with open arms, and I interact with them regularly through both twitter and the station’s text line. Uniting worlds, a twitter conversation with Afentra and Lazlo last night ended up dragging Truta into the mix (he was happy to join). The crew from The Buzz are a blast to listen to and talk with, and with them come a great group of listeners – a number of whom I also talk with regularly on twitter. This is my on-air radio family, as dysfunctional as it is.