Doritos Jacked: Fancy Your Flavor

Posted: May 13, 2014 in Food
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It’s no secret that I enjoy trying out new things – most notably, the process of the Mountain Dew DewLabs/Dewmocracy 2.0 fan vote to decide a new permanent flavor of soda. Thanks again to Mt Dew for hooking me up in a big way for that summer of fun.

Welcome to Spring 2014, and we have another opportunity as consumers to make our voices heard. Doritos is back at it with their second round of unidentified chip flavors (in 2007, they ran the X-13D Flavor Experiment, which ultimately yielded the Late Night/All Nighter Cheeseburger flavor chip). Here is my brief synopsis on the 3 flavors currently available to test and vote on.

TEST FLAVOR #855 (red label): Has a very definitive punch to it. The aftertaste lingers for a while, with a kick to it. Almost like a buffalo wing flavor.

TEST FLAVOR #2653 (blue label): Sweet. Tangy. If I had to put my finger on it, I’d compare it to a sweet BBQ/honey BBQ/Teriyaki type flavor.

TEST FLAVOR #404 (orange label): I wanted to identify this one as Doritos 404: Flavor Not Found. However, the flavor has definitely been found, and in my own opinion, that’s not a good thing. Extremely overbearing lime flavor. It’s as if they were attempting to replicate the chips you get at Chipotle, but failed miserably.

Anyhow – here’s your opportunity to check them out yourself, and chip in your $0.02 on the subject. The competition is set to run until June 27th, so you still have 6+ weeks to track down these anonymous bags and make your decision. Jump onto the Bold Flavor Experiment website and cast your vote. In addition to this yielding an eventual winning flavor that will stick around, Doritos is also giving away daily prizes. Interested now? Stop reading, and go.

No, seriously. Stop reading. This is the end of this entry.

You’re still here? It’s over. Go on. Go.


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