Open Mouth, Insert Foot – When GLAAD Spirit Day Faces Intolerance

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Life, Saint Louis, Sports
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(the post from the St. Louis Cardinals Facebook page as a part of Major League Baseball’s support of GLAAD Spirit Day, along with my response as one of the top comments based on likes)

If you’re connected with me on either Twitter or Facebook, you’ve already seen posts from me referencing today, October 17th, as Spirit Day. It’s the initiative by GLAAD to bring awareness to bullying against LGBT youth. Let me first state, for the record, that I am against bullying of ANYONE, regardless of their sexual orientation, race, gender, ethnicity, etc. Statistics show that there is an unreasonably high rate of bullying against those of the LGBT community. I don’t stand for one sexual orientation over another. I stand for equality, and I stand for integrity.

With that said, I saw the Facebook post earlier this morning from the St. Louis Cardinals team page, and it lit a fire in me. Not the post itself, but many of the replies. Keep in mind, this post was not initiated by the Cardinals organization itself. Support of GLAAD’s Spirit Day is across the entire board of Major League Baseball, which means that this type of post will be shared by each of MLB’s 30 teams.

I’ll maintain my focus to the Cardinals team thread specifically. The replies to this post were overridden with intolerance. Criticizing the Cardinals organization for getting political. For jumping on a trending topic in order to get attention and hits on the page. For not focusing on baseball.  HOW DARE YOU NOT STAY FOCUSED ON THE FACT THAT WE’RE IN THE PLAYOFFS?

It’s apples to oranges, but I’ll draw comparison to Chick-Fil-A. I know many people who refuse to give them their business because of CFA’s stance against homosexuality. That’s fine – it’s your choice, and you have plenty of other options. In this thread – I kid you not – there were responses from individuals stating that they were DONE with the Cardinals, and would go find another team to support. Apparently the point was lost on them that all teams in MLB are involved in this. Again, apples to oranges.

The battle cry of the opposition is POLITICS and RELIGION. Well, if your political affiliation or religion urge you to not have the best interests in mind for the subject at hand (LGBT youth being bullied, with the most unfortunate of situations leading them towards suicide), then perhaps you should reevaluate where you stand. For a fanbase that is frequently labeled as the “Best Fans In Baseball” (I’m referencing the label; I’m not calling the fanbase that on my own), there is so much hate and vitriol that only serves as a black eye to the rest of said fanbase. It’s an outright embarrassment.

I’d like to also point out that this is the same organization that features home game dates during the season centered around both the LGBT community, as well as the Christian religion, respectively. They’re not playing favorites, and I’d put money on your having a difficult time attending the LGBT-centered game and finding conversations condemning heterosexuals for the way they live their lives, and how their lifestyle infringes on everyone else’s. It’s 2013, open your eyes. Being closed-minded and making your judgments on someone’s sexual preference based on an old book is like going on vacation and using a 2000+ year old map.

On the positive side, there was a response from someone stating that while being a Reds fan, she was impressed with the Cardinals’ post/stance. Unfortunately, she probably also ended up reading many of the ugly replies to the post. On behalf of Cardinal Nation, I apologize for the closed-minded intolerance and insensitivity strewn about.

With that said, I – along with my purple t-shirt – conclude this soapbox blog. Go Cards. Go Equality.


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