Posted: June 5, 2013 in Events, movies, Sports, Television
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The hot topic over the past few days has been the concept of SPOILERS. Let’s face it, this has been a topic of debate for quite some time, but Sunday night’s episode of Game Of Thrones really took it to a whole new level. As I write this, three days later, there is STILL a buzz about the contents of GOT’s episode, and the backlash of those who had it ruined for them because of those pesky spoilers.

Here’s my take, and I believe it’s rational. If I’m not available to watch a show like GOT when it airs, and I’m not wanting to know what happens until I’m able to watch it, here’s a suggestion – STAY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Trust me, it can be done. Now if your best friend sends you a text immediately after the show ends with “OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE [spoiler content] JUST HAPPENED??!!!!111” – well, then… your friend is a dick.

We don’t have nearly the same level of heat on this issue when it comes to sports. We know that the event is set to take place at a certain time, and we’re not always able to watch it live as it happens and unfolds. For me, I don’t care. Case in point: last Saturday night’s soccer match between Sporting Kansas City and the Montreal Impact. I was out at a local professional wrestling event while the match took place, and set my DVR to record. I periodically checked in on my phone to the score as it was going on, and then went through on the DVR after the fact to skim through the match and check out the goals and other events that took place. 

My friend Rick was also DVRing the match, to watch after wrestling was done, and didn’t want to know anything about it. I respect that, and I respect that he was making a point to stay off of twitter and facebook to avoid reading results/highlights. Point being: HE GETS IT.

Movie companies require those who view advanced screenings of films to not publish anything in any format until the day off the film’s release. After that, it’s on the individual moviegoer to avoid said publishings until they’ve had a chance to see the movie.

What’s your perspective on spoilers? Especially when it comes to shows like Game Of Thrones, which any hardcore viewer of the show has likely read the books and already knows the plot?

  1. anabbloggin says:

    I avoid spoiling things for others. I have read up to the middle of the last book and have fought my inner spoiler to not ruin it for anyone in the family. In my blog I also warn about spoilers.
    I was victim of a spoilifier in Youtube once, but due to my own stupidity: someone commented ”die you f’ing @$$hole” and I though “what the…?” so I clicked on the original comment, it was marked as spam, aaaand stupid as hell I clicked to read it anyways and got this ”No, “x” is still alive, he still has to kill “y”. I felt so silly.
    Some people just get a kick out of it. I kind of get it, it’s like a prank, but it isn’t good to be on the receiving end, so I just don’t do it.

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