Kansas City BaconFest 2010 – “It’s Porkalicious”

Posted: August 29, 2010 in Events
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Last August, Kansas City was introduced to the first of what appears to be a now-annual event, BaconFest. This inaugural event featured food and beverage from a variety of Kansas City area restaurants and vendors, along with live music. The event ended up being a great success, benefiting the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City (who joked that if anyone were to suffer heart issues from eating too much bacon, their organization would be there to help you with recovery).

BaconFest returned for its 2nd annual event in KC, again hosted by (and benefiting) the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. Taking place in Waldo this year, BaconFest featured even more vendors, several tables of bacon-related merchandise, more live bands, and of course, another bacon-eating contest. There were also contests for the best bacon recipe (which also took place at last year’s event) and the best bacon/pork related t-shirt contest (new to this year’s event).

With more than double the competitors from last year’s event, 22 entrants took part in this year’s bacon eating contest. Contestants had 5 minutes to consume as much bacon as possible, and were allowed bottled water to assist in washing down the pork product. For the record, the winner rooted his way through 1/2 pound of bacon.

Thanks to Ameristar, Farmland Foods, Wendy’s, Shook Hardy & Bacon, 75th Street Brewery, Brookside Bistro, Grandmas Catering, Julian, KC Hopps, KC Sausage Company, Kennedy’s Kansas City, Lew’s Grill & Bar, Murray’s Ice Cream & Cookies, Pieroguys, Planet Sub, Polsinelli Shughart, The Well, Waldo Pizza, Zest, InkKC, and the city of Waldo for their involvement in this year’s event. Thanks to the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City for organizing this 2nd annual event, and hopefully the 3rd annual BaconFest next summer will be even bigger and better.

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