Mt Dew Dewmocracy 2.0 – Buy. Drink. Vote!

Posted: April 25, 2010 in Caffeine, Events
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Last August, I hosted a Mountain Dew “DewLabs” tasting party (which you can see here and here), in which Mountain Dew sent out 12oz cans of test product for seven different flavors. We, along with many others who were a part of DewLabs, got to sample the flavors and provide our feedback. From there, seven flavors were narrowed down to three. Once the three were decided, then extensive work went product naming, package designing, marketing, etc.

Fast-forward to April 19th, the three chosen flavors have gone official. Introducing White Out, Distortion and Typhoon.

Dew drinkers, it’s up to you. Voice your opinions to Mountain Dew and help decided which of these three flavors will be added to the Dew roster as a permanent flavor, joining Mt Dew Voltage (the winner of the first Dewmocracy).


  1. Willie says:

    Please we need your help. We need to vote for Typhoon Mt dew. So far White Out has the most votes. Please vote for Typhoon. Its my favorite drink. I am counting on you

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