2010 Kansas City HeartWalk – “Exist To Inspire”

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Events
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Since 1924 the American Heart Association has helped protect people of all ages and ethnicities from the ravages of heart disease and stroke. These diseases, the Nation’s No.1 and No.3 killers, claim more than 910,000 American lives a year. The association invested more than $543 million in fiscal year 2005-06 for research, professional and public education, and advocacy so people across America can live stronger, longer lives.

It’s another year, which means time for another push at supporting research for stroke and heart disease. The 2010 Kansas City HeartWalk, benefiting the American Heart Association, is on Saturday, May 22nd. This is my third year participating in HeartWalk, and my second year as a team captain (those of you who were around for the 2009 event surely remember my fire engine red hair to support the cause). Last year, I expanded my search for supporters to join my team, and the majority of my team was ultimately assembled from pure social networking. I’m hoping for 2010 to be bigger, better, and more successful. Our goal, through whatever means you have, is to collect as many donations as possible, raising funds that go directly to the American Heart Association. The HeartWalk event is whatever you wish to make of it – a destination for your journey, a celebration for your team, or even a dedication to loved ones lost to stroke or heart disease.

The HeartWalk originates and concludes in Theis Park (immediately east of the Country Club Plaza). Upon departing from Theis Park, the course takes you up and around the Nelson Atkins Museum. From there, walkers make their way down Rockhill Rd to Volker Blvd and head west. For the 1-mile walkers, the loop to return you to Theis Park brings you back up Main Street. The 1-mile walk has two designated water stations – the 4-mile walk has an additional 3 water stations throughout the course.

For the 4-mile walkers, the journey continues along the Brush Creek Walkway and through the south end of the Plaza, onto Wornall & Ward Parkway until reaching Roanoke. From there, Roanoke’s path will hook right and back onto 47th St/Cleaver II Blvd for the home stretch along the north end of the Plaza.

Before and after the walk, booths and tents are set up inside Theis Park from the various event sponsors. You can pick up educational material on how to live & eat healthier, grab a banana and some yogurt, pick up a pedometer or a stress ball, and so much more.

(note: as much as I would love every team member to be present for the HeartWalk event itself, you do not have to be present at the event in order to participate on the team)

I’m looking for anyone who is interested in joining to help raise money for a good cause, as well as wrapping up the campaign by doing something that’s good for *you* as well. Anyone who would like to join team “Exist To Inspire” can do so by visiting the “Exist To Inspire” team page and click on “Join Our Team”.

For those involved with the Social Media Club of Kansas City, I will likely have my laptop present at the next breakfast event (April 2nd) to answer questions that anyone may have, and to provide the opportunity to register in-person.

A separate Twitter account is active, specifically for this annual event. Be sure to follow KCSocMedAHA for information. The account will be pushing out details for the HeartWalk, progress for the team, statistics for the overall Kansas City organization and much more.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback of any sort, please feel encouraged to pass them along – either through comments on this blog, on twitter to the team account (KCSocMedAHA) or my personal account (vivid13).

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