Dewmocracy 2.0 – The Mt Dew DewLabs Contest

Posted: July 23, 2009 in Uncategorized

Avid soda drinkers will recall the original “Dewmocracy” campaign that Mountain Dew put together back in 2007, and made available for voting last year. Three trial flavors of Dew were made available, and drinkers made their voices heard as to which flavor would stay for good (the Voltage is DELICIOUS, for the record).

Welcome to 2009, and Dewmocracy 2.0 – it’s a whole new ballgame now. Dew collaborated with 12seconds in a promotion that is beyond excellent. Seven flavors have been put together for Dewmocracy 2.0, and they’re being made available in a unique way. 50 collectors edition boxes were created, each one featuring a unique design by various artists. Inside each box are the seven flavors – 1 can each – along with a stash of Mountain Dew shot glasses, a special Dew-edition FLIP cam, and a Matt & Kim CD.

Dew fans could record a video to 12seconds creatively stating why they should be one of the 50 lucky recipients of these boxes. Or, for those more longwinded (such as myself) and needed more time than that, they could record a video up to 2 minutes in length and e-mail it in. All 50 winners have been notified at this point, and after receipt of their boxes, each winner will use the included cam to record their individual taste-tests for inclusion on Dew’s YouTube page ( More details on the promotion can be found here and here.

With that said, you can guarantee that I’ll be doing plenty of documenting along the way once my collectors box arrives. In the meantime, for your viewing entertainment, here is the low-budget video that earned me a box.

  1. Pinch says:

    Good reasons… I’d have laughed, compimented your expressly awesome skills at ass-kissery, then sent ya’your freebies! ;D


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