A Long-Time Homecoming for White Sox’s Buehrle

Posted: July 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

Finally, a wait that has been years in the making comes down to a mere week and a half. St. Louis native Mark Buehrle, starting pitcher for the Chicago White Sox, will play a game at Busch Stadium.

Buehrle was announced as a reserve for the American League All-Star team, who will face off against the National League in St. Louis on July 14th. Buehrle, who has played for the White Sox since 2000, has yet to appear in St. Louis as a player. Interleague play had not set up a scenario for Mark to make a start for Chicago against the Cardinals.

While I’m extremely excited about Cardinals players Albert Pujols, Yadier Molina and Ryan Franklin being voted on to the National League team, Buerhle’s appearance means something extra to me. I went to high school with Mark, and since I figure the odds of him actually donning the red and white of a Cardinals uniform are probably slim, I’ve been hoping years that he’d get to play in St. Louis in some capacity. In nine days, it finally happens.

Buehrle still awed to be All-Star (MLB.com):

All-Star game a homecoming for Buehrle (Chicago Sun-Times):

Buehrle St. Louis bound (Chicago Sun-Times):

Two St. Louis natives, two former Cardinals selected for All-Star Game (Cardinal Beat; STLtoday):

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