2009 KC HeartWalk – event details

Posted: March 4, 2009 in Uncategorized
AHA logo

AHA logo

In the previous blog, I posted some basic details pertaining to the background of the American Heart Association and the information for the Kansas City HeartWalk (May 30th, 9am, Theis Park at 47th & Oak just south of the Nelson Atkins Museum. This time I’ll share some details about the actual walk itself. This is based off last year’s participation and my experience on the 4-mile walk.

The walk starts out in Theis Park and takes you up and around the Nelson Atkins Museum. From there, walkers make their way down Rockhill Rd to Volker Blvd and head west. For the 1-mile walkers, the loop to return you to Theis Park brings you back up Main Street. The 1-mile walk has two designated water stations – the 4-mile walk has an additional 3 water stations throughout the course.

For the 4-mile walkers, the journey continues along the Brush Creek Walkway and through the south end of the Plaza, onto Wornall & Ward Parkway until reaching Roanoke. From there, Roanoke’s path will hook right and back onto 47th St/Cleaver II Blvd for the home stretch along the north end of the Plaza.

Before and after the walk, booths and tents are set up inside Theis Park from the various event sponsors. You can pick up educational material on how to live & eat healthier, grab a banana and some yogurt, pick up a pedometer or a stress ball, and so much more.

There is still time to become a part of the Kansas City Twitter walk team. Our team is currently at 6 members – we’d like to get that number up to at least ten. Then the true challenge and test of skill begins with seeking donations. Current team goal is set at raising $2,000 collectively. I am aiming to put together a video blog sometime in the near future with the assistance of Jeff Smith (@jeffisageek on Twitter – jeffisageek.net).

My individual page (to make a donation under my name):

Team KC Twitter page (to view the team roster, make a team donation, or join our team):

Team KC Twitter… ON Twitter (pretty self-explanatory. Follow us!):


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