2009.01.04 – New Year, New Vivid

Posted: January 5, 2009 in Uncategorized

So another year came and went, and the new year has already rolled in headstrong.  Looking back, I can unquestioningly say that 2008 was a challenging year.  More stress and strife than I would have preferred for the year.  Or any year, for that matter.  A screw-up mistake error in judgment from 10 years ago came back to bite me in the ass.  And by ass, I mean bank account.  I’ve spent more time at war than I have at peace with the roommate/landlord.  Worst of all, I lost my only remaining grandparent.  It was a somewhat softer blow than when my grandfather died (that one came out of nowhere), but this one still hurt.  It was the end of an era, and knowing that aside from visiting the gravesite, I likely won’t find myself having a reason to be back in that town.

On the bright side of 2008 – I spent the better part of a week over the summer with my car club, cruising a nice stretch of Route 66 and simply enjoying life and good times with friends.  I made a new friend who, through rather strange circumstances that I still kick myself over to a degree, I would ultimately end up spending the final quarter of 2008 with, and we’re still just as ridiculously cute now as we were on Day One.  One of my best friends, just a week before the turn of the new year, became a proud parent for the first time, as he and his wife welcomed their new son into the world.

Thus far in 2009, I’ve managed to ring in the year with friends, got some e-face time on CNN courtesy of Rick Sanchez, continued the Saturday night ritual of Buzztime trivia and live music, and working more interactively with the concept of social networking.  I have a lot of ambition for what this year can bring.  Things that i want to do, and things that I NEED to do.  And, quite possibly, I’ll actually stay up on blogging moreso than last year (which wouldn’t take much at all).

Hope your new year has been off to a good start.


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