11/4/08 – My $0.03 on this historic day

Posted: November 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

As I sit here, mere hours away from state election polls opening, I take a moment to reflect.  This will be my third election in which I’ve been eligible to vote.  While I felt the importance of having a voice on the previous two, this one is an entirely higher level of significance.  Perhaps it has to do with one party having a female VP candidate and the other party having an African American presidential candidate.  Perhaps it has to do with the state of the economy.  Whatever it is, this election… this day… is much bigger than anything I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

One thing that I have enjoyed, and taken great advantage of, is the offering from XM Radio of a channel devoted to the Presidential race.  I’ve had the opportunity to listen to countless rallies from both the candidates and running mates of both parties.  It leaves me with a mixed feeling when listening to the recent rallies of McCain and Palin.  Part of me tries to contain my subtle laughter, while part of me wonders if they’re really that clueless.

McCain spends more time at his rallies talking about his opponent than he does actually addressing the issues at hand, and what his plans are to handle those issues.  For the time spent by McCain talking about Obama, he can’t even keep his “facts” straight when attempting to pick apart the Obama/Biden initiative.  If I were just a casual follower, it’s entirely possible that I wouldn’t have picked up on any of it.  However, with being able to listen to virtually every rally from every member along the way, multiple rallies each day, I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit analyzing and picking apart McCain’s discrepancies.  The straight-talk express, if anything, is consistent in its derailments.

Worse than that, unfortunately, is Sarah Palin.  Whatever potential interest and faith I may have had in the McCain ticket was buried upon his selection of Palin as VP.  It’s not the fact that she’s a female (had Clinton won the Democratic primary instead of Obama, she’d likely have my vote), it’s the fact that she make my brain hurt when she speaks.  Part of it’s the accent.  Part of it’s the things she says.  Did she seriously have her own interpretation of the First Amendment completely backwards from what it actually represents?  Unfortunately, yes – and I had to read that article several times over in order to truly grasp how much she scares me.  If she runs for president in 2012 and were to win, or were McCain to win this election and something would happen & leave Palin in charge as president, I won’t hesitate to try & contact old friends up north of the border.  Does she scare me that much?  You bet’cha.  And seriously, enough with the “Maverick” crap already.  It’s been pounded into the ground, right along with “Joe The Plumber”, “Joe Six-Pack”, etc.  On behalf of dead horses everywhere, I beg you to stop.

At least with Obama, the information has remained relatively consistent.  Has he caught some flack for some of it?  Sure.  At least he’s not wavering with his information in the ways of the above-mentioned parties.  Biden needs a bit more work in regards to having his information correct when he speaks, but at least he shows promise and the potential for improvement.  If something were to happen to Obama and leave Biden in charge, I have a level of confidence in him.  Especially when compared to the same scenario on the GOP.

In closing, my mind was clear quite some time ago as to where my vote is going, and it’s no secret.  What I encourage is, regardless of who you prefer, get out and make your choice count.  Many sacrifices were made and many people paid the ultimate price in order for us to have this right.  Use it.

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  2. Jeff says:

    great post jj. thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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