Walk This Way

Posted: June 4, 2008 in Uncategorized

The weather for the American Heart Association’s 2008 Heart Walk really couldn’t have been much better than it was. Partly cloudy, temps in the 70s, and any rain that was in the area steered clear of where we were. No idea how many total walkers were present, but I’d estimate a few thousand, representing various companies (and some walking independently with no company representation).

The walk route included a pass around the Nelson Atkins Museum, a good-length stretch along Brush Creek (Flush Creek to the locals, for all the obvious reasons), passing a construction zone where everyone walked on the opposite of the street from where the cranes hovered, and a nice pass through the eastern end of the Country Club Plaza… nothing like supporting a HEALTH event while walking past the Cheesecake Factory.

I’m in the process of sifting through the 2,500+ photos that have been posted on the event’s website, and will follow up in a later entry with a few photos – for now, here are some shots that I took while on the walk.

Awaiting the start of the HeartWalk

Thousands take to the streets of KC for HeartWalk ’08

Shortly out of the gate, company/teammates start spreading out through the crowd

The course runs past the Nelson-Adkins Museum and its giant shuttlecocks

Random homeless guy along Brush Creek… good thing he was on THAT side!

The pack continues to run alongside Brush Creek

Random fountain in the middle of Brush Creek

Gerbils?? Assorted graffiti in KC

High-rise construction along the path… walk route stuck to the opposite side of the street

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