My work for the American Heart Association – eBay auction details

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Uncategorized

(the two sections below taken from my blog on MySpace)

Since 1924 the American Heart Association has helped protect people of all ages and ethnicities from the ravages of heart disease and stroke. These diseases, the Nation’s No.1 and No.3 killers, claim more than 910,000 American lives a year. The association invested more than $543 million in fiscal year 2005-06 for research, professional and public education, and advocacy so people across America can live stronger, longer lives.

Through my place of employment, I am fortunate enough to be getting involved in a good cause with the American Heart Association, and hopefully to make a difference. On Saturday, May 31st, downtown Kansas City @ Theis Park will be taken over by red as thousands of walkers take to the street to fight heart disease. Among those thousands will be yours truly.

Leading up to the HeartWalk, our goal for the event is to raise $1,065,000. I humbly come to this family for whatever support you can offer. Any donation that you can afford to make will be greatly appreciated, and will go towards the research to fight America’s number 1 and 3 heath-related fatal diseases. Online donations through my page are a minimum of $25, if you wish to contribute a smaller donation, feel free to PM me and I will give you an address that you may send a check or money order, or on my page you can download a PDF file to donate offline.

There will definitely be photos a-plenty of the event, and likely will have some video from one of my teammates as well. If you’re anywhere in the area, feel free to come out and enjoy what will hopefully be a great day for a great cause.

My personal page

My team page

KC HeartWalk event page


As mentioned previously on the blog, I am working as a fundraing volunteer for the American Heart Association.  “Evel” Dick Donato has been kind enough to assist me, and has offered up the award that he won at last year’s Fox Reality Channel Reality Awards.  The award was to be presented to him by Survivor’s Johnny Fairplay, but an on-stage altercation between Fairplay and Danny Bonaduce left Johnny with a broken tooth, and Dick was given the award off-air by Alexis Arquette.

Johnny Fairplay gets railroaded by Danny Bonaduce

Evel Dick discusses the auction on House Calls (pt 1)

Evel Dick discusses the auction on House Calls (pt 2)

Anyhow, the auction is finally up and running.  Bidding will end on May 21st, free shipping to the winner.  100% of all money raised by the auction goes to the American Heart Association, with the winner being given a receipt from the AHA for deduction purposes.

Check out the auction on eBay.

Thank you for your support, and if you’re bidding in the auction, good luck!


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